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Past Projects

Reproductive and Child Health Project

Funded by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,Gujarat, the Project was launched in December 2008 in 7 villages of Gangtha PHC in Tapi district which are underserved by govt. health services. We worked on important indicators like Ante Natal Care, institutional deliveries, post natal care, family planning. We also worked among adolescent girls to create awareness about reproductive health, issues arising in adolescent age, and importance of menstrual hygiene, iron-folic tablets and nutrition in this age. We worked in close coordination with ASHA, Primary Health Center and community leaders. We also started organizing Gram Arogya Sabhas. The project was extended to 19 villages in 1013. The project was terminated by the govt. in March 2017.

Pahel- Reproductive Health Training for Adolescent Girls in Surat City.

Trainings were sponsored by Surat Municipa Corporation in 2015

The project focused on training girls in the age group 14 to 19 on issue of growth and development in adolescent age, life skills needed, reproductive health and infections, sexually transmitted infections including HIV. We covered 500 girls in the program.

Vatsala- Improving Mother and Child Health in Tribal Area

Funded by Volkart Foundation, Mumbai in 2010 for one year and after a gap of one year, again we received funds for another year. We worked in 8 villages of Vanka PHC in Tapi district. The project focused on health of pregnant women and children from 0 to 36 months. We worked extensively to improve those indicators where the govt. functionaries faced problems – acceptance and regularity in anta natal care, immunization, post natal care, food and nutrition of women and girls. We also worked with Gram Arogya Samitees.

Integrated Rural HIV Awareness Program

Funded by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society during 2008 to 2011. We worked with high risk populations in three blocks of Tapi districit – Songarh, Uchchal and Nizar. The project was about spreading awareness on the one hand through various Information-Education-Communication activities and linking to services on the other. We worked in 57 villages and served a population of 50,000. The same project was later named as Link Worker project as the strategy focused more towards role of community link workers. We trained 702 volunteers to spread awareness.

Project for conservation of coastal ecology

Project funded by Gujarat Ecology Commission during 2009-2011 focused on coastal ecology. As Gujarat is experiencing fast industrialization in coastal areas, protection of coastal environment is becoming growing concern of people and government. In many areas industrialization has adversely affected coastal environment, especially damage to mangroves. As a policy, Ministry of Environment and Forest has given clearance to industries on condition to grow mangroves in coastal areas. Karanj is one of the selected areas for this purpose. Mangrove plantation project is being implemented by Gujarat Ecology Commission. To make this project sustainable, it is important to protect the mangroves from human activities. We conducted several training programs and organized Tavar Vikas Samitee in Karanj village in Olpad block of Surat district.

Initiative for Industrial Contact – HIV Awareness training for industrial workers.

Funded by Reliance Industries Ltd., DCM Shriram Chemicals Ltd. and Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure

This project initiated in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries, Ahmedabad Office, focused on providing training to workers and management on HIV/AIDS through multimedia presentations, IEC material and condom demonstrations. We trained 4561 workers of textile industries of Surat, 952 workers of 14 industries of Jhagadia industrial estate, and 850 workers of 13 units of Bharuch industrial estate. During this we also promoted HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy as drafted by CII and all the industrial units signed the policy document. We also worked with Gujambuja Cement Ltd. Magdalla where we provided training, counseling and linkage for testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections including HIV

Citizens’ Report Card – a survey of amenities and people’s response for Bardoli and Kansad Nagarpalika

Funded by UNNATI, Ahmedabad

We conducted Survey of Bardoli and Kansad Nagarpalikas in 2009 on status water and sanitation amenities through Citizen Report Card tool for an over all project of 18 Nagarpalikas of Gujarat undertaken by Unnati, Ahmedabad. It covered 350 respondents from Kansad and 396 respondents from Bardoli Nagarpalikas.

Facilitating identification of patients for cataract operations – project with Bhojraj Hospital, Selvasa

IN 2008 we collaborated with Bhojraj Hospital, Silvasa for identification of persons with ophthalmological problems and counseled them for operation of cataract from Tapi district which has predominantly tribal population. The patients were registered by us and then taken to Bhoraj Hospital for operation. So far we have facilitated cataract operation of more than 2500 patients.

Partnership in Sexual Health for Migrant Workers at Hazira Industrial Area

Funded by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society, Ahmedabad during September 2003 to December 2007. The goal of the project was to prevent and control spread of HIV/STI among single male migrant workers in industrial belt of Hazira. We worked with total of 90,000 workers in the area. We received very good support from industries like Reliance, Essar and L & T where we could organize training programs on HIV awareness in the factory premises.

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